Nizar Chehab


To begin with, Dr. Nizar Chehab is a board certified plastic surgeon. He is specialized in Aesthetic plastic surgery and Laser surgery from the French Academy of Medicine.


From general facelift to specific surgeries such as nasoplasty, ear surgery, eye lift, and brow lift. Dr. Nizar Chehab performs personally on all the procedures and supervises the professional care of his assistants.


Although breast surgeries are a meticulous work, one that is intimate to the woman undergoing it. However,  you can rest assured putting all your trust into Dr. Nizar Chehab’s hand. Because of his years of experience in the field, you can expect only great results.


To enumerate a few, full body lift, arm lift, buttock lift, buttock augmentation, hand rejuvenation, liposuction, Taba, and tummy tuck are some of the body surgeries. Generall speaking, these are some of the most popular body rejuvenating surgeries available at Dr. Nizar Chehab Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.


Aside from the cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Nizar also performs Botox and fillings. As a result, the patient gets a natural rejuvenated look without undergoing a surgery.